##Quokka3-client download

Here you can download the Quokka3-client software, which is bundled with a free (restricted) Quokka3-core executable. It is currently available for Windows (7, 8 and 10) only.

To access the full version, an additional license including cloud-access is required, see License options.

Disclaimer: Quokka3-client and the bundled Quokka3-core executable are distributed for free. The software is licensed for non-commercial use only, without any expressed or implied warranty for the usefulness or correctness of the results rendered by this software. Download and use at your own risk.

Accept and download Quokka3 for Windows

Installation instructions

Quokka3 version 2 beta

An all-new version 2 is in beta status. You are welcome to learn about it and download it here: version 2 beta overview