Original publications

  • The introduction of Quokka3 and description of the multiscale skin concept as its fundament, please cite this one when publishing your own work using Quokka3:

A Fell, J Schön, MC Schubert, SW Glunz, The concept of skins for silicon solar cell modeling, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 173, 128-133, 2017, Link, accepted PDF

  • Description of Quokka3’s edge recombination model and it’s validation:

A Fell, J Schön, M Müller, N Wöhrle, MC Schubert, SW Glunz, Modeling Edge Recombination in Silicon Solar Cells, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 8 (2), 428-434, 2018, Link, accepted PDF

  • Multidomain approach for H-pattern full cell modeling, showcased on a 2018 Trina PERC solar cell:

A Fell, PP Altermatt, A Detailed Full-Cell Model of a 2018 Commercial PERC Solar Cell in Quokka3, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018, Link

  • MIS theory to model passivating contacts:

A Fell, F Feldmann, C Messmer, M Bivour, MC Schubert, SW Glunz, Adaption of Basic Metal–Insulator–Semiconductor (MIS) Theory for Passivating Contacts Within Numerical Solar Cell Modeling, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2018, Link

  • Description of Quokka3’s perovskite solar cell solver via accounting for mobile ions:

D Walter, A Fell, Y Wu, T Duong, C Barugkin, N Wu, TP White, K Weber, Transient Photovoltage in Perovskite Solar Cells: Interaction of Trap-Mediated Recombination and Migration of Multiple Ionic Species, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, Link

  • The optical model used in Quokka3:

A Fell, KR McIntosh, KC Fong, Simplified device simulation of silicon solar cells using a lumped parameter optical model, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics 6 (3), 611-616, 2016, Link


A Fell, PP Altermatt, Detailed 3D Full-Cell Modeling in Quokka3: Quantifying Edge and Solder-Pad Losses in an Industrial PERC Cell, Silicon PV, Lausanne, 2018, PDF

A Richter, J Benick, A Fell, M Hermle, SW Glunz, Impact of bulk impurity contamination on the performance of high‐efficiency n‐type silicon solar cells, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 26(5), 342-350, 2018, Link

S Meier, P Saint-Cast, N Wöhrle, A Fell, S Meier, P Saint-Cast, N Wöhrle, A Fell, J Greulich, A Wolf, SW Glunz, Internal resistance of rear totally diffused solar cells with line shaped contacts, Journal of Applied Physics, 122(18), 183102, 2017, Link

A Richter, J Benick, F Feldmann, A Fell, M Hermle, SW Glunz, n-type Si solar cells with passivating electron contact: Identifying sources for efficiency limitations by wafer thickness and resistivity variation, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 173, 96-105, 2017, Link

G Kökbudak, R Müller, F Feldmann, A Fell, R Turan, SW Glunz, On the determination of the contact resistivity for passivating contacts using 3D simulations, 34th EUPVSEC, Amsterdam, 2017, PDF

N Wöhrle, T Fellmeth, E Lohmüller, P Baliozian, A Fell, R Preu, The SPEER solar cell - Simulation study of shingled bifacial PERC technology based stripe cells, 34th EUPVSEC, (pp. 844-848), 2017, PDF

Quokka v2

Quokka v2 is very widely used in the community. Checkout the citations to the original paper on Google Scholar to get an overview.